Tuesday, April 27, 2010


After writing a blog which no one read, then publishing a book which no one bought, only to turn the entire operation into an interactive game to give back to the community in which a few people showed some mediocre interest in, it is blindingly obvious that the next most logical step is to send in the originally published book to be considered for a Pulitzer Prize.

According to the official Pulitzer Prize Rules:

1. Book must be published in the United States in 2010 and made available for public purchase.


2. In the Fiction, Biography and General Nonfiction Categories, authors must be American Citizens.


3. For books published between January 1st and June 14th, entries must be postmarked by June 15th.


After looking at all the forms and stuff, and looking at the fees associated and considering all the additional materials that need to accompany the entry, it looks like this little adventure is going to cost about $150. Thank you to those few who donated. We just made our head writer stay up all night freelancing to cover the rest. Burnout, schmurnout. The photo shoot for the pictures that need to be sent along with the Author's biography are this weekend. Then it's a quick FedEx shipment off to the Pulitzer Prize Board, surely resulting in fame, fortune and extreme jubilation.

Here are what some supporters of Qorviq for Pulitzer are saying:

"The blog was so stupid. Then they turned it into a game which honestly, the logistics of it were simply dizzying, but after taking the time to actually read the original book... I mean... well, my life has simply been transformed."

- Jeff Edielstein of the New York Times

"To think that a cartoon seal character that was originally inspired by a lawn ornament could live such a tumultuous life that so closely resembled my own... I was... I was just floored when I heard that it was being considered for a Pulitzer."

- Shaynarah S. Lightwater of the LA Times


- Brutus Einhornum of the Cambridge University Press